Diplomacy Club

Join us and become a Diplomat from the 25th of September! 




We are happy to introduce that the Diplomacy Club program of the College for Advanced Studies of Diplomacy in Practice is being launched this year again for the international students of Corvinus University of Budapest and this year for international students of other universities as well.  

Join us if you:

  • have an interest in international relations, diplomacy or economics
  • would like to complement your university studies while also earning an academic certificate
  • want to develop your soft skills
  • want to participate in study trips and embassy visits
  • wish to belong to a diverse and large community of international and Hungarian students

You’ll have several opportunities to meet us and our members in the next few weeks, so be prepared

Application period for the 2023 Autumn semester starts on the 25th of September, so make sure you don’t miss out and follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts for more information and updates

Hope to meet you soon!

College for Advanced Studies of Diplomacy in Practice


“Diplomacy club is about practice: embassy visits that you checked online lately, embassadors meeting that you tried to memorize the names of, negotiation skills that you learnt about from the Kissinger books.
Diplomacy club is about friendly and reliable community, people who you look at the same direction with”


“Diplomacy club means unity despite different cultures and place of origin.